Why Every Writer Should Write with Their Passion and Care

The best thing you can give to your readers is a look into your heart.

You could write the most explosive fight scene in the world, but if your heart wasn’t into it, how good would it really be? To write we need more than the knowledge of how to write, we need to feel what we are writing inside of us before we can expect our readers to feel anything.

If you don’t feel anything while you write it, then how will your readers feel anything?


Writing with emotion for your readers

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” — William Wordsworth

This is a hard idea to put into practice, but I believe it is true and worth it. In writing poetry, you truly are writing how William Wordsworth says, “with the breathings of your heart.“ When you read a piece of poetry that coincides with your feelings, it is beautiful. Prose should be able to contain the same feelings, just in a different form.

Readers want to feel the emotions in the book. Why read a thriller if it isn’t tense? Why read a romance if you don’t care if the couple will get together? Why read a mystery if you’re not curious about who the murderer is?

And why write a thriller if it doesn’t enthrall you, or write a romance when you don’t care if your couple gets together? It is a benefit to the reader and to yourself to write what you have passion for.

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” — Robert Frost

Benefits of passion for yourself

My best scenes are when I feel right there in them. My most realistic scenes are where I reveal the deeper parts of myself. When I take that chance to write “the breathings of my heart” it is a risk, but it is a risk that to this day has always paid off.

And it hasn’t just paid off only for the reader, it has also paid off for myself. It is satisfying when you write what pours out of you. It is healing to put your feelings on the page as they pertain to your character, and watch them come to life as you have seen in your own life.

Sometimes it seems impossible to do so and other times painful, but sometimes it is relieving. When writing from within yourself you give your writing a new depth that will give an edge to your story. Plus, it will also be easier to write because you are anxious to write down what you are passionate about.

Start writing

Begin the process of writing everything with some part of yourself attached to it. In other words, care about what you are writing.

Somedays this will be easier than others. Somedays the word count alone will be the victory, but whenever you can write “with the breathings of your heart,” I think you will be surprised by what it can do.

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