What Every Writer Should Know About Chasing Their Writerly Dreams

The dream to write, I believe, is one of the most beautiful and monstrous things in the world. Writing is an incredible gift with endless possibilities and magic, but reaching for a dream is no easy task.

With every dream there is a journey, and with every journey the road takes you somewhere unexpected. We may think these diversions are obstructions to our goal, but in actuality it is not the expected alone that gets you to your goal, but the unexpected.


I had the idea of being a writer when I was a kid, but instead of my life taking me directly to that goal it took me on the road to other dreams like being an athlete and a musician. After years of going down what would seem like diversions to writing, I finally reached my dream of becoming a writer.

On each of my dreams I had a plan for what I was going to do to get to the end goal, but on every plan I found myself on a side-road instead of the highway. There always seemed to be something taking me away from the highway, and it was frustrating.

But through this I learned that you can have a plan for your dreams, but that you shouldn’t expect your journey to always go according to plan.

Take the journey

Have a dream and make a plan, set your dream in your mind’s eye, but keep the road there flexible.

To map out the exact details of how you get to a goal and the time it will take you is essential to success, but leave room for the unexpected occurrences and delays. If you come upon them unexpected, it is discouraging when it seems you don’t succeed.

What I’ve learned in my own journey to writing, however, is that sometimes to get where you want to go, you have to go someplace else first, and sometimes it is a place you don’t like.

Before we can succeed we have much to learn, and sometimes what we need to learn lies in the unexpected places. It is there that we pick up the most valuable tools to our success.

I’ve come through enough detours to know that there are no detours, only the path meant to be taken. The path you go on is the path you were meant to go on, and you must follow it through with the best of your ability. Only then will you reach your dream.

Call to action

Take a few minutes to think about what your goal in writing is, and then take a few more moments and jot down how you intend to get to that goal. What do you need to learn, write, or read to reach your dream? Now spend ten minutes working towards the first step to your goal.

Always remember to not get discouraged when the road doesn’t go where you want it to. You are exactly where you’re meant to be for a reason.

Comment below what your dream is and the step you just took to get there, then take a moment to read some other comments from your fellow writers.

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