Why Every Writer Should Have a Purpose

There are many reasons to write a book. You may want to write out of passion, to provide entertainment, to make money, get famous, or to check something off your bucket list. Whatever reason you have to write, however, does not guarantee the quality of your work. Will your readers remember your story, and how will they be affected by it?

To create something great you need more than a reason to write, you need a strong purpose. Your writing should be pushing towards something greater.

Stories are power

Many people think writing a novel is making up a story for entertainment, but I believe there is more to them. Stories are a foundational part of our history and how we learn. To think of stories as purely entertainment is a gross underestimation of their power.

Books I’ve read have shaped my worldview. Some have made me more mature, and others have lead me to make bad choices.

Have you read a story that cut to your heart, or taught you some insight about yourself or of the world? That is the kind of story that holds power. They are more than a simple tale, they shape world.

To be a writer is to accept the responsibility that you will shape people with what you create.

Your decision

With the power of stories comes a decision: How will you use the power?  Will you use it to help someone or only to give them a thrill?

In my story “Golden Beast” (get here) I write about the pain and loneliness of one’s past, and the comfort of someone’s presence. In my novel project The New Dawn I have a strong theme of trust and betrayal throughout.

Those themes are all things I have encountered in one way or another in my life, and I believe my purpose in writing is to impart those lessons and insights onto anyone who reads them. All I write is held accountable to God.

A powerful story is one that you enjoy to write, but also one which has a purpose for existing.

Writing is you unleashing the stories in your imagination for your readers. What do you want to give to them? Will your work make a lasting impression on someone’e life, or even on the world?

Call to Action

It is so important to have more than a reason, but a deep-seated purpose inside to write for.

What I want you to do now is take ten to fifteen minutes to ponder and jot down any thoughts on what your purpose for writing is for yourself and to your readers. Don’t fret if you don’t come to a conclusion now. This process takes time, and you may continue to shift your focus as you keep writing. For now, just start thinking.

Comment below what you came up with for your purpose, and take a moment to read some other comments from your fellow writers. 

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